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Now is the Best Time to Own Real Estate

Inflation is at a 40-year high, supply chains are stressed, and equity markets have never been higher. All together, these conditions make it one of the best times to own hard assets, and real estate is one of the few that can generate revenue, pay for itself, and improve its overall equity position, even if you feel like you are overpaying. During affordability crunches, those who own the assets in demand are always in the driver’s seat of value.

Supply Controls 2022

It is unarguable that the residential real estate market was on fire in 2021. Florida’s market...

Will the DOJ End Buyer Brokers?

The U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) has made it clear it has the real estate brokerage...

3 Tips To Avoid Being a victim of Wire Fraud

Wire Fraud is a very real threat in Real Estate transactions today and millions are lost each...

3 tips to avoid a low appraisal

You offered well over the asking price, waived inspections, and threw in a new car AND a...

Shaquille O’neal Orlando Home Sold For A Record-Breaking Price By Veteran Stockworth Agent

Windermere, Florida: The former home of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal at 9927 Giffin Court...

The Broken Business of Real Estate

Today, the business of real estate has little to do with actual real estate. 

What the fed?

Federal Reserve Rate Increase

Are we Witnessing the Collapse of an Industry?

Now is the Time to Define Your Role with the World of Real Estate

Orlando, Florida - FEBRUARY...